Back when I was in school, my teachers used to complain that I talked too much. Who would have thought I'd turn that talent into a career? I've been writing stories since I was a little kid and I'm thankful that to the best of my knowledge, none of those survive. 

I was also called to preach as an adolescent and put my yammering to eternal use. I went to Palm Beach Atlantic College, attended Dallas Seminary, then graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, the town of my birth. After 5 years in Florida as an associate pastor I spent four wandering in the wilderness of rural Virginia where I made some dear friends but also discovered what it was like to be a square peg attempting to fit into a round hole. We were then called back to my hometown, Cedar Rapids, IA, where I spent most of 15 years, before moving to Sioux City, IA back in 2005. 

I remember something someone said to me when I moved to Iowa. "You know, in Baptist life that's like the end of the world." If I came to Iowa I would never climb that ladder and make it to the top of the heap in Baptist World. Then, a funny thing happened - this little phenomenon known as blogging came around and that rewarded guys like me with the gift of gab.

I continue to pastor Southern Hills in Sioux City, write a daily devotional blog for my church members, edit a Southern Baptist blog called SBC Voices, try to publish books, and now I'm putting up this blog, which will be designed to publish my sermons and other writings.